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Better Board
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G.A.P Homeline

SizeColourPrice excluding VAT 
150mm x 5mWhite£25.51Enquire
150mm x 5mRosewood£25.51Enquire
150mm x 5mLight Oak£25.51Enquire
150mm x 5mMahogany£25.51Enquire
150mm x 5mBlack Ash£25.51Enquire
150mm x 5mIrish Oak£25.51Enquire
180mm x 5mWhite£28.86Enquire
180mm x 5mRosewood£28.86Enquire
180mm x 5mLight Oak£28.86Enquire
180mm x 5mMahogany£28.86Enquire
180mm x 5mBlack Ash£28.86Enquire
180mm x 5mIrish Oak£28.86Enquire
200mm x 5mWhite£31.21Enquire
200mm x 5mRosewood£31.21Enquire
200mm x 5mLight Oak£31.21Enquire
200mm x 5mMahogany£31.21Enquire
200mm x 5mBlack Ash£31.21Enquire
200mm x 5mIrish Oak£31.21Enquire
225mm x 5mWhite£33.42Enquire
225mm x 5mRosewood£33.42Enquire
225mm x 5mLight Oak£33.42Enquire
225mm x 5mMahogany£33.42Enquire
225mm x 5mBlack Ash£33.42Enquire
225mm x 5mIrish Oak£33.42Enquire
250mm x 5mWhite£36.30Enquire
250mm x 5mRosewood£36.30Enquire
250mm x 5mLight Oak£36.30Enquire
250mm x 5mMahogany£36.30Enquire
250mm x 5mBlack Ash£36.30Enquire
250mm x 5mIrish Oak£36.30Enquire
300mm x 5mWhite£52.78Enquire
300mm x 5mRosewood£52.78Enquire
300mm x 5mLight Oak£52.78Enquire
300mm x 5mMahogany£52.78Enquire
300mm x 5mBlack Ash£52.78Enquire
300mm x 5mIrish Oak£52.78Enquire
500mm x 3mWhite£38.46Enquire
500mm x 3mRosewood£38.46Enquire
500mm x 3mLight Oak£38.46Enquire
500mm x 3mMahogany£38.46Enquire
500mm x 3mBlack Ash£38.46Enquire
500mm x 3mIrish Oak£38.46Enquire
600mm x 3mMahogany£40.14Enquire
600mm x 3mWhite£42.14Enquire
600mm x 3mRosewood£42.14Enquire
600mm x 3mLight Oak£42.14Enquire
600mm x 3mBlack Ash£42.14Enquire
600mm x 3mIrish Oak£42.14Enquire
600mm x 5mWhite£74.20Enquire
600mm x 5mRosewood£74.20Enquire
600mm x 5mLight Oak£74.20Enquire
600mm x 5mMahogany£74.20Enquire
600mm x 5mBlack Ash£74.20Enquire
600mm x 5mIrish Oak£74.20Enquire
900mm x 3mWhite£80.79Enquire
900mm x 3mRosewood£80.79Enquire
900mm x 3mLight Oak£80.79Enquire
900mm x 3mMahogany£80.79Enquire
900mm x 3mBlack Ash£80.79Enquire
900mm x 3mIrish Oak£80.79Enquire

Fitting service

We pride ourselves in offering the service that our customers need, at a price they can afford.

All our work is carried out by highly trained fitters, with many years of experience in the PVC-u building trade.

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